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Pink golden black multifunctional negative ion hepa car air purifier ionizer cleaner

Six major functions:
Purify:effective removal formaldehyde 
Disinfect:Photocatalyst sterilization 
refresh: 3 million/cm3 anion 
Night light:LED night light both sides
Charger:two USB car charger
Swtich: Switch design,Avoid frequent plugging

Specifications air purifier
2.Input voltage:DC12V
3.consumed power:2W
4.Negative ion concentration:3 million/cm3
5.noise:<42db div="">
6.Color:pink,golden,black,gray weight:72

Product details
1.wide contact point,adapt to variety of vehicles
2.touch switch
3.Negative ion outlet 
4.two USB car charger,output current 2100ma
5.Nickel copper electrode 
6.LED night light both sides

car air purifier