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Xiaomi Dumps US $12.76 LED Smartband onto Wearable Device Market

China’s consumer electronic manufacturer Xiaomi, who was recently listed on the Nasdaq, has once again detonated a bomb onto the market with the launch of a super cheap LED smartband, according to a Chinese media report.

The company that is already creating waves in the smartphone industry with its affordable phone models, is now moving the same business model into the wearable device market.
Xiaomi's smartband costs around US $13, a mere fraction of similar products on the market. 

Costing a mere RMB 79 (US $12.76), the smartband is pretty robust. The metallic smartband features a rectangular LED display with three LED lights comes with an IP67 rating case which allows it to be worn even during bathing or showering.

The smartband has a design similar to many sports bands and uses a 41mAH battery with a standby time of 30 days, five times longer than the average smartband, according to the company. The company claims a low power Bluetooth chip is used to achieve this. The band mostly relies on Bluetooth connection to communicate and exchange data with smartphones.

The smartband device pricing is far below most competing device’s RMB 100 to several thousand Renminbi. Xiaomi is once again slashing smartband manufacturer prices, with some Chinese netizens speculating the company is once again disrupting the market with the product lanch. The company already introduced the widely popular and very affordable Xiaomi and Red Rice (Honmi) smartphones onto the market, which is eating into profits of Samsung and other large smartphone manufacturers. Once the Xiaomi smartband hits the shelves, other companies are expected to release similar products.

The band features are currently limited to smartphone devices that run on Android 4.3 and above systems. Another limitation is the phone's Bluettoh has to be the low power consumption 4.0 version. The band is capable of acting as an electronic pass for smartphone access, eliminating the need for numerical codes. Similar to other smartband devices, the product can measure exercise activity, sleep, and function as a smart alarm clock.