China LED lighting factory


Suppliers of flexible LED strips highlight greater luminous efficacy

Companies are rolling out units with 2835 diodes. IP65 to IP68-rated configurations remain on the agenda.

Product initiatives in China’s flexible LED strips line are expanding from emphasis on water-resistant types to the adoption of smaller SMD LEDs with a higher luminous efficacy. A number of makers have released models with 2835 diodes, which boast up to 90 to 100lm/W or twice as much as that of local mainstream 3528 versions. The former kind is therefore more cost-effective by 20 percent. Shenzhen Schritzen has 12W units with 3,000 to 7,000K color temperature, 50,000hr life span and an IP68 rating.The latter supplier projects annual demand rise will surpass 20 percent in coming years. The 2835 category currently has between 10 and 15 percent share of the country’s output.

In outdoor-use products, manufacturers stay focused on IP65 to IP68-rated varieties, taking advantage of steadily climbing requirement. Such units account for about 50 percent of domestic yield for the line. Companies offer IP68 models with PVC or silicone sleeves. The former material features enhanced transparency, while the second is highly flexible and fade-resistant.

Customization continues to drive the segment, with suppliers accepting buyers’ specifications on SMD LED type, diode color and strip length. Citylux (China) LED Lighting Ltd derives 30 percent of business from OEM and ODM orders. It plans to keep to this strategy in coming years.

In response to projections of sustained 10 percent sales growth in the months ahead, most China makers aim to raise output. Citylux will do so by 10 percent after a 30 percent boost last year, from which it garnered $26 million in total revenue.

Increasing shipments to emerging markets such as the Middle East and South America contribute to this development, although the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region remain local suppliers’ key destinations. Citylux, which sends products to North America and Brazil, foresees exports to the latter will shoot up by year-end.

There are about 300 flexible LED strips makers in mainland China, 80 percent of which are domestic operations and the rest with foreign investment, mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Guangdong province remains the major production hub for the line, playing host to two-thirds of the mainland’s supplier pool and gathering many in the cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou. Other manufacturers are in the provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. These four areas are expected to attract more domestic and international players.