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Lumenpulse Lights Up 102-Year-Old High Level Bridge

Lumenpulse, a leading pure-play specification-grade LED lighting solutions provider, has helped bring light to Edmonton's High Level Bridge. The company's LED luminaires were used to illuminate the 102-year-old bridge for the first time.

The historic lighting system is the result of the "Light the Bridge" fundraising campaign, which sought to provide the bridge with a flexible, dynamic LED lighting scheme. Launched in 2013, the campaign quickly caught the public imagination, generating widespread media coverage and community engagement, with tens of thousands of individual and corporate donations.
Edmonton's High Level Bridge after Lumenpulse LED upgrade.

"We're very proud to have been involved in this historic, and grassroots, project," said Francois-Xavier Souvay, Lumenpulse President and CEO. "The High Level Bridge is a fantastic example of the impact LED technology and flexibility can have on an older structure. It has enhanced the beauty and iconic status of the bridge, all while paying tribute to its past. We're thrilled with the results," he said.

Edmonton-based Prolux Lighting programmed the lighting system, using Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Color Changing luminaires to illuminate the bridge's pedestrian walkway. The luminaires are mounted above the walkway, creating a continuous, mile-long veil of light. Fully dimmable, the luminaires can be programmed to change intensity and color throughout the night, allowing the city to change the look of the bridge during special events, including the bridge's recent Canada Day unveiling.

"The High Level Bridge is our biggest landmark, but because it was always in the dark, it didn't have a very proud image. We wanted to change that," said Derek Pogany, principal at Prolux Lighting. "Lumenpulse has a long history of lighting these types of structures. They understand the climate challenges in a Canadian city like Edmonton, and they know how to handle the vibration rating for a busy bridge like this. They were ideal partners," he said.

Built in 1912, the High Level Bridge links the city's north and south sides, accommodating rail, automobile and pedestrian traffic. The newly lit bridge was inaugurated on July 1st, 2014.