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B.J. Lee: San'an Opto Poses No Threat to Epistar

Since Epistar’s announced the merger with Taiwan based LED manufacturer FOREPI, the industry has been concerned about rival San’an Optoelectronics (San’an Opto) potential to undermine Epistar’s management.

Responding to these inquiries, Epistar’s Chairman B.J. Lee appeared unconcerned, and was optimistic about future developments. “We need to treat all of our shareholder equally, regardless of where they are from and what their past relationship was like with our company,” said Lee in a brief interview with Taiwanese financial media Sanlih E-Television.

Moreover, despite San’an Opto being the second largest shareholder in Epistar after the merger, the company only holds three percent of company stocks. This is only close to half of the shares held by Epistar’s largest stockholder Wanhai Shipment, which has a seven percent stake in the company. With such a small percentage, San’an Opto will have little impact on Epistar management rights. Epistar can breathe easy, knowing its position as top dog in the Taiwan LED chip industry is secure.