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Agnitron to Ship 1500°C Reactor Upgrade for Veeco MOCVD System

Agnitron Technology is scheduled to ship its latest 1500°C+ reactor upgrade for the Veeco MOCVD D-series Legacy System platform. The single 2 or 3 inch wafer, vertical quartz tube reactor upgrade will be fitted to a D180 system at the Korean Photonics Technology Institute (Kopti) in Gwangju, Seoul, South Korea. The upgrade will ship from Agnitron’s facility in Eden Prairie, MN in July after completion of final preshipment verification testing. Installation and configuration of Agnitron’s proprietary Imperium-MOCVDTM control software is included as a standard feature with the high temperature reactor upgrade.

The High Temperature Radio-Frequency (HT-RF) reactor upgrade provides an economical high temperature growth capability to researchers desiring the highest quality Aluminum Nitride (AlN) epitaxial films which are grown at process temperatures above 1400°C. Additionally, the HT-RF reactor excels at growth of all nitride based materials and is also suitable for Silicon Carbide.
Agnitron Technology 1500°C+ reactor. 

“The high temperature capability of this MOCVD reactor is unparalleled by any other commercially available equipment technology and this upgrade is an excellent match for the proven and well-liked D-series Veeco Legacy platform,” said Ross Miller, Director of Agnitron Technology Development. “Ultra-low gas flows of the HT-RF reactor translate to hydride gas consumption 15% that of a D180 reactor making this a very capable yet economical choice for researchers.” Miller also mentioned that Atomic Layer Deposition style switching manifolds are available as an option for supporting Migration Enhanced Epitaxy growth techniques.

Currently the HT-RF reactor is offered as a standalone upgrade for the Veeco Legacy D125 and D180 Nitride MOCVD platforms as well as in the form of an Agnitron original design complete MOCVD system known as Agilis. The Agilis system provides all the process capabilities of the HT-RF reactor but in a cabinet with all new state of the art electronics and digital hardware communication protocols. Agilis also provides a significantly more compact footprint than the D-series Veeco platforms.

An identical HT-RF reactor upgrade is currently in operation at Agnitron’s facility for growth of AlN as part of the power electronics research program funded by the Department of Energy.