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40,000hrs long life reliability LED strip light

LED Strip light

M-Elec’s LED strip light is well known for reliability and durability. With approximately 40,000hrs lamp life, high flexibility, low power consumption and availability in a wide range of colours and light outputs, M-Elec’s flexible LED strips can highlight the best features in any building.

High ceilings, dark spaces and difficult installations are ideal locations for the HIGH and ULTRA BRIGHT LED strips. Although slim in size these strips have a powerful light output, emitting more than 5,000 Lumens (SMDFUB-W).

All M-Elec kits include the flexible strip, high quality LED chips, 3M double sided tape and five strip/power connectors.

M-Elec’s weather protected LED strip light are not only great for use outdoors but also ideal for internal use. The WPSMO (weather protected strips) range is easy to keep clean and are much more resistant to moisture and corrosion due to the silicon sleeve protection.