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Smart LED Lighting Takes Center Stage Again at GILE 2014

The advent of solid state lighting has launched the lighting industry into the developmental fast lane. As solid state lighting technology evolves and advances, many manufacturers are looking towards intellectualizing lighting systems to meet increasing market demands and secure a sustainable revenue model.

At Guangzhou International Lighting Show (GILE) 2014, in tune with the show’s core theme of intelligent lighting, many manufacturers showcased smart lighting products including drivers, control systems, and bulbs.

LED drivers for smart lighting

An integral part of smart lighting solutions is the LED driver IC. Manufacturers including NXP, ROHM, and Seoul Semiconductor all displayed their newest smart lighting components during the exhibition earlier this week.

“Connected Lighting for a Smarter World” was the theme of Shanghai based company NXP Semiconductors who displayed their LED driver IC series for smart lighting and LightPro module which integrated LED lighting with wireless smart lighting technologies. Among the diver series, the SSL5511T incorporates a control input signal for dimming remote-controlled luminaires and smart lamps. The LightPro smart lighting solution capabilities include dimming, sensor control and system timer control.

Japanese manufacturer ROHM Group’s LAPIS Semiconductor also showcased their series of intelligent LED lighting solutions which included communication LSI circuits. One of the solutions included the company’s ZigBee RF4CE compliant ML7275 low power RF remote control solution which can be applied in wireless remote controllers and carious consumer electronic appliances. Remote control wireless communication gives users the advantage of two way communication, controlling the device without facing the remote control towards the equipment, and transmitting data.

Seoul Semiconductor’s new Acrich3 made its appearance at the exhibition this week. Coupled with smart lighting control technologies, Acrich 3 will enhance energy savings, performance and aesthetics of LED lighting systems. The Acrich 3 solution allows users to control LED lighting from their tablet or smartphones through interfaces including ZigBee, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Seoul Semiconductor made sure Acrich 3 stood out at their booth at GILE 2014. 

Acrich 3 can be controlled through many interfaces including WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and more.

LED lighting optimized in combination with advanced intelligent lighting control systems is becoming more important in both residential and commercial lighting applications,” said Seoul Semiconductor Executive Vice President of Lighting Sales Division, Jay Kim. The company plans to launch several more new versions of Acrich 3 for use in residential, commercial, and industrial lighting systems.

A Seoul Semiconductor employee demonstrates how Acrich 3 works through IR sensor. 

LED smart bulbs

Philips Lighting was one of the first to introduce color dimmable led bulb technology to the market. Since intelligent lighting was one of the core themes of the exhibition this year, it was no wonder that the company’s widely popular Hue bulb would make an appearance.

Philips' Hue color tunable smart bulb. 

Philips allowed visitors to experience Hue first hand through a controller, allowing them to select different functions to change the color and light output of the bulbs.

Hue smart bulbs can also be controlled through a dimmin knob, as seen here. 

After Philips launched Hue, many companies followed suit creating their own smart LED bulbs. One company to display their Philips Hue-like bulbs was China based manufacturer Zengge. The smart bulbs can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet with either an iOS or Android operating system through Bluetooth, WiFi, or ZigBee. The smart bulb has 16 million different color options and 20 built-in dynamic modes.

In addition to standard light bulbs, the company has also designed color tunable ceiling lights which can be controlled through WiFi and Bluetooth. The Smart RGB LED Panel Light can replace conventional lighting and be applied in office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, and hotels.

Smart control systems

Newcomer to smart lighting, Taiwanese manufacturer Adata displayed their smart light control system (SLCS) at GILE 2014. The intelligent control system allows users to centralize monitoring of indoor lighting different interface devices including tablets, smartphones, IR remote controls, pattern-touch buttons, dimming knobs, and  conventional switches. SLCS allows users to conveniently control lighting throughout the home from any location.

So far this year, four major lighting exhibitions have used intelligent lighting as the core theme, including Taiwan International Lighting Exhibition, Light+ Building, LIGHTFAIR, and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. It is increasingly clear that manufacturers are looking towards smart solutions for lighting applications to maintain a sustainable market as LEDs become more commonplace. The addition of new capabilities and functions will keep consumers coming back.