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LED lighting solution:Saint-Gertrudis Church in Nijvel, Belgium

One of the oldest and largest Romanesque churches in Europe, the Saint-Gertrudis Church in Nijvel, Belgium needed a new interior lighting solution that would emphasize its detailed architecture and artwork. Philips Color Kinetics provided the church with a LED lighting solution and helped it achieved its goal.


The church's administration wanted a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its visitors, and the contractor, Putman, suggested installing an LED lighting solution from Philips Color Kinetics. Jean-Paul Etienne, chairman of the church administration for Saint-Gertrudis said that because LEDs last longer than conventional lighting, installing them meant that they no longer had to worry about frequently replacing the lights, which is a challenge with such high ceilings.

Products and Solution

eW Burst Powercore and eW Graze Powercore fixtures were installed to illuminate the two main entrances, aisles, arches, chancels, and works of art. Because these fixtures have excellent color rendering, the colors of the artworks creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable. In addition, LED lighting's specific spectral properties make the saturated colors in the art pop.

Etienne and the rest of the administration could not be happier with their decision to install a Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting solution. "The interaction of warm white and cool white LEDs made this atmosphere perfectly feasible. Compared to a conventional lighting solution with this church, we have also made an energy savings of 30%," said Etienne.