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Cheap high bright dimmable GU10 MR16 LED lamps 5W

Today, due to the Earth's greenhouse effect causing global warming, human ecological environment is deteriorating, has become a global The common-sense consensus. Therefore, energy conservation, development of low-carbon economy is not only an expedient to the energy crisis, it is an important behave to deal with the greenhouse effect caused by environmental threats for mankind survival.

LED lighting is a revolution in modern lighting, with unparalleled advantages, solid-state lighting, long life, no Pollution, energy-sa0ving lighting products than common lighting 50% -90%. it is sure that LED lighting technology is the Direction of future development. According to the International pundits predicted, twenty-first century will enter the new era of LED lighting as the representative, it is called the fourth generation light source, LED development
history is only a few decades, but the applications in the field of lighting is new technologies, Which gradually increase in luminous efficiency, LED application market is more widely, especially in the global energy shortage,LED green lighting prospects caused great attention in worldwide. The industry believes that Two years in the future will replace incandescent, fluorescent and incandescent light, and become the largest and most potential market.

LED lamps have the following characteristics:
1) Long working life: LED is as a solid light-emitting device, with a longer Work Lifetime than other light-emitting devices. Its brightness half-life is usually up to one hundred thousand hours. If replace to traditional car lamps by LED lights, the Life will be much larger than the lifetime of the car, with a lifetime without repair and replacement features.
(2) Low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage the device, so at the same brightness, minimal power consumption, can be largely Reduce the amount of Energy consumption. On the contrary, with the development of future technology and materials, will have a higher luminous efficiency. if all Japanese lamps replaced with LED, two large-scale power plants can be reduced, and the environmental protection is very beneficial.
(3) Fast response time: LED generally responds in tens of milliseconds(ns) inside, it is a telling device,This also Is unmatched by other sources. Production car with LED brake light at high speed, largely increases Vehicle safety
(4) small size, light weight, resistance to fight: This is an inherent characteristic of the semiconductor solid device. color LED can be made as various Clear exquisite display.
(5) Easy to dimming, toning, big controllable: LED as a light emitting device, control brightness by Changing current, LED can also be got color change and adjustment by configuring to different wavelengths . Therefore, LED display is easy to reach needs of various applications by the electronic control. In addition, the application of LED light source is not restricted in principle, and malleable, could be extended to achieve modular assembly. Currently a large color display screen is not other except LED.
(6) LED light does not exist, such as mercury, lead environmental pollutants, does not pollute the environment. As LED light source called a "green" light,it is well-deserved.

HM lighting aim at the market of great amount of traditional  glass halogen spotlights, in order to promote the LED lights,LED spotlight Glass can replace halogen spotlights, through research and development for some time, and finally developed a glass dimming LED Spotlights GU10 5W, the characterized for the spotlights is with high brightness, luminous flux of 400lm, good dimming effect, compatible with a variety of triac dimmers, long life, up to 20,000-30,000 hours.
This model can also be with MR16, E27 lamp holder, 5W Dimmable LED MR16, is with input voltage AC120/230V, without 12V adapter, directly replace the high-voltage halogen spotlights, and good dimming effect.For more specification,you can consult the website.
In order to the promotion of LED spotlights, the price for 5W dimmable lamps is only as usd2.66.
Dimmable GU10 5W

AC120/230V Dimmable MR16 5W