China LED lighting factory


Future Lighting Solutions ALT partner on MR16 LED lamps with Lumileds chips

uture Lighting Solutions has partnered with Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), a Taiwan based leading manufacturer of high-power LED lights, to create a range of MR16s that offers the best color in the LED industry. The resulting product has become highly in demand for places that require quality lighting such as five-star hotels, high-class restaurants, boutiques, museums and galleries.

Comfortable and pleasing lighting is a must for certain industries, especially if their merchandised products or venues depend on the color and effect for potential customers. Future Lighting Solutions has provided top quality LED chipsets manufactured by Lumileds for ALT to develop LED lights. With Lumileds chipset, ALT engineered an MR16 with 2600K color temperature and high CRI, which is generally preferred by many luxury venues that require warm lighting.

Five-star hotels that depend on lighting to create a certain atmosphere and ambiance also require such lighting solution. Through ALT’s top distributor in Singapore, Light Phase, five-star hotel Ritz Carlton has adopted these MR16 lights; five-star hotels Dusit Thani and Plaza Athénée Bangkok, a Royal Méridien have done the same through ALT’s top distributor SCG in Thailand. Luxury hotels promise their customers an experience of heaven on earth with traces of exotic influence, which can be achieved and enhanced by professional lighting design. Plaza Athénée Bangkok, a Royal Méridien has a 1,185m2 lobby, which requires brightness that is sufficiently met by this version of MR16. In the future, more luxurious hotels will start to adopt this type of clever lighting solution.

Future Lighting Solutions and ALT have partnered up to devise an MR16 that offers a warm white color that closely resembles halogen lighting, a color much preferred in the service industry. Together, Future Lighting Solutions and ALT offer a brilliantly beautiful MR16 to satisfy the discerning needs of quality venues.