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Bridgelux expands V series of COB LEDs


Bridgelux is to introduce its new V10 and V15 LED array products at Light Fair International (LFI) 2014 in Las Vegas.

These devices further expand the company's V Series line of LED Chip on Board (COB) light sources. These products extend the technology and performance of Bridgelux Vero line of LED arrays, featuring high flux density in small light source size packages.

The V10 and V15 products are particularly well suited for commercial and residential lighting markets requiring high quality and tight beam control.

Since the launch of the V Series product line in September 2013 the technology has seen big adoption,shipping millions of units in seven months on the market, in more than twenty countries, representing a quarterly growth rate of 52 percent.

In addition to providing high quality light with high flux density, the Bridgelux V10 and V15 LED light source products offer a compelling total cost of ownership advantage over incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent technologies with greater energy efficiencies and a projected lifetime of over  twenty years. The V10 and V15 products produce up to 118 nominal lumens per watt (lm/W).

Typical applications for the V10 and V15 light sources include down lights, track and spot lighting, and landscape lighting with V15 being an ideal replacement for 35W ceramic metal halide luminaires. Nominal lumen outputs range from 1,000 to 3,000 lumens for V10 and V15 respectively.

"Bridgelux is laser focused on paying close attention customer needs and anticipating market requirements," says Brad Bullington, CEO of Bridgelux, "the V10 and V15 additions to the V Series product line demonstrate once again our responsiveness and commitment to expanding the growth of LED lighting across application segments."

The V10 and V15 COB modules are available in variety of CCT and CRI options and are compatible with optics, drivers, and holders readily available from third party suppliers. With more than 9,000 hours of LM80 test data and R9 values that exceed California Energy Commission requirements for luminaires and lamps, these new V Series arrays support Energy Star and other rebate programs while also including ANSI compliant 3-step binning, thereby reducing SKUs while bringing consistent high quality white-point light to this new segment.

Also, next week at LFI, Bridgelux will be showcasing several new additions to the Vero Series (COB LEDs with a ten year warranty) including multiple ultra-high CRI and cool white light combinations, specific CCT/CRI combinations for healthcare, entertainment, bakery, grocery, deli and textile applications along with new Zhaga options.