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Non-contact Infrared Digital Temperature Gun Thermometer with laser sight,Amazon hot selling

Non-contact High Precision ±2% Infrared Digital Temperature Gun Thermometer with laser sight (-58 °F to 716°F) ºC / ºF.

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Automatic induction touch to set timer LCD display 48W uv LED nail lamp dryer

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LED:24pc UV LED,365nm
control mode:touch to set timer
timer:15s,30s,60s,and 1/2.
when press 15s,30s,60s,timer full power operation,
when press 1/2,timer half power operation,
and the machine maximjm working time is 99s
DC input:16V,2.5A
Automatic induction
infrared senso will automatically start
when hands get into the machine
and automatically shut down
when timer finish or hands leaving


Pink golden black multifunctional negative ion hepa car air purifier ionizer cleaner

Six major functions:
Purify:effective removal formaldehyde 
Disinfect:Photocatalyst sterilization 
refresh: 3 million/cm3 anion 
Night light:LED night light both sides
Charger:two USB car charger
Swtich: Switch design,Avoid frequent plugging

Specifications air purifier
2.Input voltage:DC12V
3.consumed power:2W
4.Negative ion concentration:3 million/cm3
5.noise:<42db div="">
6.Color:pink,golden,black,gray weight:72

Product details
1.wide contact point,adapt to variety of vehicles
2.touch switch
3.Negative ion outlet 
4.two USB car charger,output current 2100ma
5.Nickel copper electrode 
6.LED night light both sides

car air purifier


Glass LED GU10 COB 5W

Glass LED GU10 COB 5W,LED GU5.3 COB 5W
Constant current driver    
Glass body
high brightness 450lm
Two years warranty.
Glass LED GU5.3 COB 5W

Glass LED GU10 COB 5W

Glass LED COB 5W


AC277V LED tube T8 240cm 8ft 36W/40W

LED Tube T8 240cm 36W/40W
1.AC85-305V input
2.high brightness 100lm/W
3.Two years warranty
AC277V LED tube T8


360degree beam Ceramic led bulb 6W

360degree beam Ceramic led bulb 6W
Ceramic+glass cover
high brightness 500lm
Two years warranty
ceramic led bulb


Dimmable or non dimmable Ceramic LED GU10 bulb COB 5W

Ceramic LED GU10 COB 5W
Dimmable or non dimmable
High brightness 400-450lm
Two years warranty
The price is usd2.29/pcs(

Non dimmable ceramic LED GU10 COB 5W

Ceramic GU10 COB

Dimmable ceramic LED GU10 COB 5W